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Thank you for the great experience you gave us. We now have stories to 
tell well into the future!  And we will!  It's not just a "fish story" 
- we have pictures.

When I picked you to take my husband and our 2 friends from Italy, for 
the fishing trip of our lives, I made the right choice.  I know you 
could make no promises, but I went out on a limb and made promises to 
our Italy friends.  You exceeded our expectations.

You are certainly a professional at what you do.  We got our money's 
worth.  This was an adventure we will not forget.

Thank you, again.  We'll see you again this summer when my niece and 
her family visit.

Barbara & Joe

(emailed 3-24-12)

Fish ON! Happy Customers Great time on Charter Boat Two C'S II

Hey Capt Greg,

This is Rob Marino.  Me and 5 other military guys went out with you last week.  Wanted to say thanks and that we loved the trip!  

I added your boat onto trip advisor and posted a review.  It should show up in a couple of days once they review it.  I don't know if you're familiar with trip advisor, but I use it all the time.  It has reviews about everything from hotels and airlines to fishing trips and tourist attractions.  I hope it helps you in the future to have some great reviews on their website.  Thanks again!

Rob Marino
Email (11-8-10)

HI Capt. Greg;
Just thought I would drop you a line to thank you again for the most 
awesome time on our fishing trip thursday with my son Jason. It was 
very special, something that my son & I will never forget.
The fish were very tasty and have had a lot of compliments, as we took 
some down to the in-laws this weekend.
Thanks again

(emailed 2-7-10)

Thanks for a great time. We will be back next year.
Hope Larry's finger is healing.
Del Duduit and Andrew Hambly Shark Teeth

 Charter Boat Two C'S II Charter Boat Two C'S II

 Charter Boat Two C'S II

Emailed (8-7-10)

We had the best fishing trip of our life's. Dave

(emailed 7-24-10)

Hi Captain Gregg. I have been trying to get my family out on a fishing trip for years. I can't tell you how happy I am about how our trip turned out.

You got my 11 year old daughter to turn off her Nintendo- 'nuff said right there!

My whole family had a blast, and can't wait to go out again.

Lauren & a Bonito

Hooked up

Yes, we caught a big shark!

A convert

Barracuda 48"

The Morris Family

(emailed 7-11-2010)

Here are a couple of photos for your web site. Thanks again for everything...

brian Reynolds Enterprise Solutions Architect Swish Data Corporation

(emailed 7-12-10)

Captain Greg and Andrew,
Thank you so much for taking my dad and I out last Saturday! I can't believe that I caught a shark! You guys were great! I've attached some pictures that you can put on your website. I'll be sure to recommend you guys to anyone interested in deep sea fishing! Thanks again!
-Amanda Sponable
Schenectady, NY

Emailed (6-12-10)


This is Lance using Ricks email. We had a blast yesterday. We appreciate everything. We were hoping you could send any pictures you have from the fishing trip to Rick and I. My email is up top. Many thanks. Here are a few from our batch.

(EMAILED 5-11-10)

Hey Capt.,

You guys rock!!!! My son (Cody) and I had such an awesome day of catching while we were on spring break. It was his first deep sea fishing trip and he’s hooked now. The time that you and Andrew took with the 2 kids on the boat was awesome. You are fine examples of continuing to keep the new generations in the outdoors. We are enjoying all the grouper that we brought home. You can be assured that if I know of anybody looking to charter in the Clearwater area, I will be sending them your way. You helped make some great memories that will last a lifetime.

Many thanks!!! Enjoy the pictures, I’ll check your website soon to see if we made “the cut”.

Trent Kissel General Manager Two Men And A Truck/Kalamazoo, MI (269-488-6683) (Emailed 4-22-10 )


Gregg, Thanks for making the best of the rough seas yesterday. A full limit of anything when the weather isn't cooperating is great! Thanks for letting us call the shots every step of the way yesterday. We'll have to come back again when all of those little red grouper grow up a little!

Thanks for a memorable trip.

Sergio (Emailed 4-25-10 )

Keith and his gang with out on Saturday 3/27/10 and caught Amberjack!

A great time was had by ALL!

Hi Gregg - Thought I'd drop you a line as I'll be in Clearwater from August 16th to 22nd and will be looking for a fishing trip for my daughter and myself. I'll call you next week when we're in Orlando, or drop by the slip as soon as we get to Clearwater.

Looking forward to fishing with you again, and Claire says she's misssed you!


Hey Cap,

Hey thanks for the great time!!!!! I think that dad is coming back down after the first so that we can go one more time before he goes back. How many can go at one time on the boat?

Thanks and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks again it was a lot of FUN!!

Clayton T. Hatmaker (emailed 12-23-09)

Capt. Greg, thanks for a great day on the water. We all had a great time and cant't wait for another trip.

Rule # 3, talk less - fish more

Thanks again, Hank Snead (emailed 6-14-09)

Capt Greg,

Its Kyle Connelly, Malcolm's Grandson. Hope all is well. It was just my grandfather's 75th b-day this weekend and I am trying to plan a fishing trip for some time in early august. I know its super early notice and all, just wondering what you think the best time of the month would be either early or mid august, as well as how long of a trip. I know its probally season for im guessing Kings, Spanish and bonita, but is anything else going to be around then? definately would be open to your suggestions, I appreciate it. Cant wait to go out with you again this year I think I have been going on your boat for about 15 years now kind of crazy!!! Always a great time.

Thank you again ahead of time. -

Kyle (emailed 6-28-09)

HI Capt. Greg;

Just thought I would drop you a line to thank you again for the most awesome time on our fishing trip Thursday with my son Jason. It was very special, something that my son & I will never forget.

The fish were very tasty and have had a lot of compliments, as we took some down to the in-laws this weekend.

Thanks again

Tim Dorn (emailed 2/10/10)

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