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Frequently Asked Questions


Do we need to get a fishing license?


All trips include fishing license.


What time do we leave?


Normally the boat departs at 7:00am, however, it's your day, you set the hours if it is an eight-hour trip! However, if you are scheduled for a four hour, we depart at 7:00 am for a morning trip, if you are scheduled for an afternoon trip you will normally leave at noon, unless instructed differently from the captain.


What do we need to bring?

Bring your own food and drinks for the duration of your trip. We will furnish the coolers and ice. However, feel free to bring your own coolers. Do not forget the sunscreen, hat and appropriate clothes for that season.


What would you recommend for seasickness?

There is a lot of over-the-counter seasickness meds on the shelf, they all work, follow the instructions on the label.


Can we bring alcohol?

Yes, alcohol is permitted. Cans instead of glass would be appreciated (for safety reasons) however, if you must drink beer from a bottle, you may! If you are going to bring spirits, the captain reserves the right to turn the boat around for unacceptable behavior. So, stay cool...


Can we bring our own rigs, bait etc...?

All trips include bait and quality tackle, however, feel free to bring that lucky pole!

What if I don't know how to fish?

Instructions and or help is furnished as the need indicates. You do not need a degree in fishing :).


Do you guarantee that we will catch fish?

It is called fishing, not catching! We cannot guarantee that you will catch fish, however Captain Gregg and Captain Andrew will do their best to catch fish, they have not come back yet without FISH!

Does the price include the tip? 


No, tipping is normally 25% - 30% of the cost of the trip. 

Image by Drew Farwell
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